Customised Photo Albums

Laser engrave a specially created design, favourite photo or name and date

For a truly special touch, we can create an image for your album or book. Alternatively, you may prefer to add an existing image or cherished photograph. We can personalise this by engraving names, dates or other important information.

If you select a medium album, or book, we engrave your image. On larger sizes we use a 76mm insert.

Standard engraving
This is an inscription on the album or round a 75mm emblem. As the colonial medium has a 30mm disc in the corner we can’t have the inscription round the emblem.

Special engraving
This is taken from a photo of your choice. You can’t have a special engraving on a colonial medium album as it has to be in a 75mm disc and we can’t engrave directly on the panel.

Your book or album can also be engraved to make a unique corporate gift to celebrate the launch of a product, a company milestone, a retirement or a rebrand. It’s also a great way to ensure that important tender or award entry stand out from the competition.

Customisation is an additional $65, click here to buy your album.

Customer Comments

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"It's beautiful! Everyone agrees with that. Can't wait to show it to my brother. " - liz

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