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album types album types


Delivery address can be either a home or work place where a signature can be obtained.

Courier in NZ

Standard deliveries are $9 to the North Island and $13 to the South Island.
Rural address $12

Express delivery = next day. This service flies the parcel down to the nearest town so adverse weather conditions can affect the delivery
Northland - Auckland $7
South of Auckland – Wellington $19
South Island $35

Couriers expected delivery time
Northland - Auckland next day delivery
South of Auckland to Wellington 2-3 days
South Island 3 days

Overseas parcels
Couriers expected delivery time is 2-6 working days

All Colonial and Classical small, guest book and medium $32
Regency medium & large Classical no paper $38
Colonial & Classical album with paper large $48

All Colonial and Classical small, guest book and medium $64
Large colonial & classical with paper $89
Large classical without paper $71
Regency medium & large $75

Prices are in NZ Dollars and include 15% GST.
Overseas customers do not pay GST tax, but may pay their local tax.

A Timber Treasures wooden photo album or book is the perfect way to share your special memories and to celebrate the birth of a baby, a christening, engagement, wedding, anniversary, retirement, 21st or other significant birthday.

Hand made from your choice of Heart Rimu or Swamp Kauri which is gently buffed and oiled till it glows, so you’ll want to leave your album on display where everyone can enjoy it.

To purchase multiples of the same album, you can change the quantity at the end of the process - note that if different inscriptions are required please enter them clearly on the inscription page. To purchase different albums, click the continue shopping at the end of the process to select another album and options.

Click the Buy Now button to start creating your album.


Notice to all Lyoness members. The regency range is not included in the discount program.



Timber Type

Choose a timber type by either clicking the image or making a selection in the drop down menu.

(Swamp Kauri has a carbon dating certificate and an article about the timber)

Swamp Kauri

album types album types

Album Type

Choose your album type by either clicking the image or making a selection from the drop down menu.

Important Information
The Colonial has a fixed spine which will not allow the pages to lay flat after turning unlike the classical range. See colonial photo opposite. Compare colonial photo opposite and the classical picture below.

Important Information
The classical double hinges will allow the album to lay completely flat. This allows for a choice of bindings, either a wire spiral or powder coated coloured ring binder The ring binder will also allow for more paper.

Classical Sizes
Colonial Sizes

Album Size

Choose your album size by either clicking the image or making a selection from the drop down menu.


Binder Type

Choose your binder from the drop down menu.

All prices for the Colonial and Classical ranges include black spiral binder and back acid free paper for the albums. Guest books have a white spiral binder and plain cream paper. For the Classical range only, a ring binder with or without paper can be supplied. For an album without paper deduct $10 from the Classical range price.

Binder Type

There are no binder options for the Regency Album. Please continue to the next step.


Paper Insert

For guest books thin black or cream paper is standard. This is not suitable for photos. If you want the guestbook to have thicker paper for photos please stipulate in the comments box on the last tab.

Regency Albums
Dry mount: The price below is based on 30 pages with spacers (spacers are needed to allow for the thickness of the photo). If you need more pages please add $25 for every 10 pages with spaces.


Emblem (Optional)

If you want an emblem on your album click on the image you want or use the drop down menu. Once you have chosen an emblem your colour options will show at the bottom. Write your choice/s in the box/es provided.

Each disc has a design inlaid with New Zealand Paua and is available in a range of colours. To view the colour choices, hover your cursor over the emblems.

Custom engraving
If you want custom engraving please choose none from the Emblem menu as you cannot have an emblem and a custom engraving.

Colonial Range
The small and medium sizes can have a 30mm emblem positioned bottom right. The large size can have a 75mm emblem positioned one third of the way down from the top in the middle. The guestbook can accommodate either a 30mm or 75mm emblem. The 75mm emblem would be centered on the guestbook.

These can all have a 75mm emblem positioned one third of the way down from the top in the middle except the guestbook which has the emblem centered.

Iconic NZ emblems

Fish hook
NZ Map
Timber Treasures Timber Treasures Timber Treasures Timber Treasures

Celebration emblems

Wedding day
Wedding Emblem 21st Emblem - Large 21st Emblem - Small Rose - With Love Petal Emblem
Bears Head
Bears Head with Inscription
Bear sitting
Bear Emblem Bear Emblem Bear Emblem    

For an inscription head to the next page.

Please add the colour you require in this box. For 21st you will need to specify two colours.

Timber Treasures

Standard style of font:

Edwardian script for wedding or female names,
Times New Roman font for male names,
English 111 Adagio for round emblems.
This font will allow us to bend the inscription round the emblem where as other fonts will not.

Font Styles


Our standard engraving is a fixed rate - $20.00 including GST. It includes any names and dates round an emblem or on the album. Add text for album in the inscription box.

If you want an emblem use the comment box to indicate if the text is to be engraved round the emblem or underneath the emblem on the panel.

If ordering two of the same album with different inscriptions, please clearly label the inscriptions ie inscription 1: ..... 2:...

Standard Engraving - $20.00 including GST
This is an inscription on the album or round a 75mm emblem. As the colonial small and medium have a 30mm disc in the corner we can’t have the inscription round the emblem. Please write your inscription in this box for standard or special engraving. Please do not add speech marks unless you want them.

Special Engraving - $65.00 including GST
This is taken from a photo of your choice. You can’t have a special engraving on a colonial; small or medium album as it has to be in a 75mm disc and we can’t engrave directly on the panel. Special engraving costs $65.00 including GST. We need 5-10 working days extra for photos or logos. We can only engrave images onto a plain Swamp Kauri 75mm emblem. This is too large for the smaller colonial range but can be used in any of the classical range. Rimu is too dark and figured for photos so if you want a Rimu album it will have a Swamp Kauri emblem. We can’t engrave every photo so to help you decide which photos to choose please see points below. Sorry we can’t use mobile photos unless it takes high resolution photos.

Photo guidelines
a. Two photos so the engraver can choose the one he thinks suitable
b. Head and shoulders or close up
c. High resolution photo of no less than 1-2 MB.
d. There needs to be a contrast between the back ground and subject but not too much contrast on the faces
You have chosen to have one of our emblems on the previous page if you require a special engraving please click the "prev" button at the bottom of this page and go back to the emblem page. If you use the arrow next to the name of the emblem the drop down list gives you the option of choosing no emblem.

Add Image

All notes about standard and special engraving. Please add inscription text in the top box.


Add any comments about your order here before clicking "Add to cart" to proceed to your cart.

Timber Treasures

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